It’s my pleasure, after 30 years of being the part of the band, to recall and enjoy some of my contributions as a guitar player to the music I have been privileged to share with the outstanding musicians, my fellow bandmates.

The film «SOLOS» relates to the aspect of guitar solo parts in the music of Loud Jazz Band.

The video is not a document of the recording sessions, but just an impression and a humble thank you to all of the great musicians throughout the Loud Jazz Band history.

All the tunes’  performer and composer credits are included in the video’s epilogue.

Miroslaw Carlos Kaczmarczyk


0:00 The last flight

0:29 The giant against the girl

1:12 Back home

1:56 Warszawa

2:25 King and I

3:05 Ensomhet

3:34 The way to Salina

4:07 The last flight – Intro

4:55 Omaha celebration

5:16 Mission possible

6:22 Bonus track

6:56 The new people

7:20 Dirty ear

7:47 4 ever 2U

8:37 Macie´ya

9:38 Park lane LIVE

10:27 One minute song

11:19 Partituro

12:15 Ballade for you

13:18 Looking through a magnifying glass

14:04 Goglas

15:26 Crystal silence

16:11 The giant against the girl ( Cosmopolite live )

17:36 4 ever 2U Melody

18:19 The silence


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