Once again, I have been censored – this time his own personal page. I awoke to find my personal page deactivated for no reason. Fourteen years of personal memories of friends and family, some very personal, deceased. Indeed, there are more painful things that can happen in life, but this was a huge hit for me.  

What was the reason? I don’t know? There was no way to contact Facebook, so I can only assume it is because once again I am linked to my fight for justice. A long difficult struggle to tell the truthful story about the Polish people in a factual way. 

It is a shame to go through this. It started when I started sharing videos on Youtube about the suffering of the Polish people during the German genocide. “The Forgotten Holocaust” was labeled “Hate Speech”. When I made a speech against Act S. 447, my entire Youtube was shut down. So I had to start all over. My new site is located here: www.youtube.com/c/edwardreidpolishtruth – please follow. I lost thousands of followers.

My Twitter was also shut down when I shared a link about Jewish collaboration, but it is okay to lie about and defame the Polish as much as you want? Hypocritical. Here is my new Twitter, please follow: https://twitter.com/AgainstRevisio1

Obviously, I am being targeted. Perhaps they are afraid that someone who speaks English may alert the west about the true history of Poland? Are they that scared that they will eliminate me from social media? 

So this is what has happened and this is not even the worst part. I was invited to speak in the Northeast and I was targeted in the media as a Holocaust denier, revisionist, and antisemite. Whatever it takes to destroy a man simply trying to share a story about the Poles.

George  Orwell’s celebrated line, “speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act,” has special significance for me and for the Polish and it is vital that the Poles and those that believe in justice and freedom stand behind me and support me.

You can do that by liking and sharing my new Facebook site: http://www.facebook.com/againstrevisionism.

And indeed please support me with what I really need to continue which is financial. I have made many videos and spent countless hours researching Polish history – pay to maintain this professional and relevant site that I invite you to join: www.polishtruth.com, but please think about supporting me here:


I have been doing this a long time and starting over and over again.  
Please help me again, I will be grateful for your support.


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