Edward Reid – The only American that fights to tell the true story of Poland


For almost a decade I have been at the forefront of trying to communicate the true story of Poland to the westerners, especially my countrymen, Americans.

I have always had a Polish heart and have lived in Poland, have a Polish wife, and have long been dedicated to the study of all Poles, especially during World War II.

My attempt though was to tell the story of the ethnic Poles, those that have had their story mostly ignored or now especially revised in some very disagreeable ways.

I never thought that this would become a battle for the truth. I didn’t realize that I would endure hatred, defamation, censorship, and even personal threats.  

From what I have read in the media I see deceptive and manipulative writing about the Polish that is just not factual, so obviously I wanted to correct this attempt to deceive the public. 

First, even making a film about the unknown genocide of the Poles caused me issues on Youtube because this may have created competition with the Jewish suffering, so the video was condemned as „Hate-Speech”.

Another video of mine was about Act. S447, an attempt to collect restitution from Poland. An act that I felt was criminal and saw as extortion. I was shocked to such witness behavior and the way this amendment was being portrayed and Poles as collaborators and murderers. I wanted to discuss this in a legitimate and reasonable manner so made a video where I pointed out the fallacies that pertained to this act. 

This speech was popular, but it caused the censorship of my whole channel. I lost thousands of my followers just because I opposed certain legislation. It was also about this time that I became labeled as a Polish Nationalist and antisemite, although I am not Polish nor did anything I say in the speech allude to anti-Jewish sentiment. I had to start my Youtube all over – please follow: www.youtube.com/c/edwardreidpolishtruth

This is when I believe I became a target. I simply wanted to tell the truth, do the right thing, and protect the Polish against what I see as immoral and unethical treatment. If I see something wrong, I want to correct it. I want to stand against injustice in all forms and the Polish are targets.  

I think anyone should support those that are fighting for the marginalized, especially Jews because they were once marginalized, but it seems now some are in a position to do this to others. I see that because of some of the power they have and they can create the narrative of the past for the Poles without Polish input. To me and to an objective observer, this is unfair. Everyone should be able to have equal input into history. 

We all must put ourselves in the position of another and find empathy and I am profoundly saddened at the lack of empathy for the Polish by some Jews, who often risked their lives and the lives of their families to save them and now they are lied to about and rewritten as collaborators and murderers?

To speak up against this travesty has caused me great personal grief in many forms. I can only see that there must be great fear because I may be uncovering a past that some people fear. Poles have been deemed „worse than the Germans”, so obviously, we should look at the war in its entirety and the human condition and how people act under such circumstances. 

When I started writing and speaking openly about how all people behaved I was in trouble. Any mention of Jewish collaboration is an invitation to be turned into a „Holocaust Denier”, „antisemite” or „Nazi”, whatever they want they can call me and they get away with it. And in a situation like this, there is no way to defend yourself …

A quote attributed to George Orwell states „In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. I never thought just trying to tell the honest story of the Polish during World War II would cause me to have to go through hell for many years. 

Alas, like Youtube, my Twitter was censored for sharing an article about Jewish collaboration, I started all over, please follow: https://twitter.com/AgainstRevisio1

I have to say I have witnessed terrible hatred against the Polish by Jews. It was similar to how the Germans treated the Jews. It was vile and I could not comprehend how this is acceptable, but to even say that a Jew could be guilty of a crime could make you a target? How hypocritical. 

Many Jewish accounts and diaries are full of accounts of Jewish collaboration and the inhumane treatment of Jews to other Jews. Much of this was also not under the threat of death as is often an excuse. In contrast, the Polish Blue Police, which accounted for a mere 8,900 were forced to work with the Germans under the threat of death. Some refused and were executed and it is estimated that almost fifty percent were working with the Polish underground. 

Even Jewish historians are able to openly write about Poles as though they are not human without any condemnation, Barbara Engelking, a historian that was actually sponsored by the Polish government stated openly that „This Jewish death was the result of the absolute impossibility to reach an agreement. For Poles it was simply a biological, natural question – just death, nothing more, whereas for Jews was a tragedy, a dramatic experience, metaphysics, the encounter with the highest. „

Imagine if someone said a statement even close to this about Jewish people? Undoubtedly they would be ruined, but it is acceptable to state this about the Poles.

There is an open and hostile attitude towards the Polish people that is allowed. No other group of people have this kind of issue and primarily, sadly much of this is coming from the Jewish people. Maybe this is a problem because people are afraid to respond to them.  

But any injustice must be addressed regardless of what it is and who it comes from. 

Martin Luther King Jr. said, „Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

I did this and I spoke up and paid the price indeed. Doing the right thing comes with a price, but this is where I am asking for the help of the Polish people that I put my name on the line. 

I am continuing in this fight. I have produced numerous videos and articles that you can find on a site that I created at www.polishtruth.com

I want to persevere. My personal Facebook was now even censored. They have gone after me on every angle. They have tried to completely eradicate me from the public. Erase my identity.  

I lost access now to the Facebook page now so that means I lost 23,000 followers. Again I am starting over and I need your assistance to follow and share my new Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/againstrevisionism

So I can continue to finance my research, videos, and website I ask your support at the following sites: 

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Everything helps.
I have fought a long and hard fight, please continue to fight with me or aid me in this.




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