A fundamental mission of the University, as it is stated in more detail in its Statute, involves “conducting research in the spirit of harmony between science and faith, along with teaching and educating Catholic intelligentsia as well as co-creating Christian culture.”

Reference to God encoded in the mission of a Catholic university makes it a special community of professors and students, universitas magistrorum et scholarium, united by the same love of wisdom. What they have in common is the joy of seeking the truth in all fields of knowledge, its discovery and its faithful propagation. The University embraces such features as: a certain legal system, an institutional connection with Church and Its teaching, scientific penetration of such areas as faith, religion, philosophy, Church, ethics, Catholic social science, the science of family, and the humanities in their deepest and broadest version.

We are an open university, because within its walls there is also a place for representatives of other religions and for those at the stage of searching for God. The existence of a Catholic university is indispensable for the development of Christian thought, which, as a matter of fact, helps a human being to fulfill his/ her sense of life. A high educational level of the University, which is an achievement of  many generations of professors and students, research done at the highest level, combined with the education of the young with regard to moral values, are the priorities of our University.

Relations between science and faith, Christian values and ethics as well as shaping young characters and attitudes are in the scope of the activities of KUL. The memory of our Patron requires from us a constant reflection upon John Paul II’s legacy and teaching.



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