As you read this, someone in the west will be reading about how the Poles were collaborators or were murdering Jews. This kind of propaganda is nonsense and has been part of historical revisionism for decades now, and only ONE person has been in the war fighting this alone. Edward Reid.

Why? Because Edward is a moral and ethical person first and foremost and stands up for what he sees as unjust. This behavior is unjust. Defamation of heroes and martyrs doesn’t get much lower than this.

Have you not heard of him and his mission for over a decade? Films and articles, interviews? Maybe not, there has been censorship and defamation, but he has not quit. He has been at this for over a decade now.

What was his sin? He wanted to share the Polish story factually and correct the manipulation. His youtube was censored after a speech about Polish victims. Here we see that Poles are not allowed to be competing with Jews as victims. Can you imagine this kind of treatment of people? This ideology is racism, and Edward comprehends this and empathizes as an American. He stands against all racism, including anti-Polish bigotry.

When he felt that Poland was being abused with act. S 447, he wrote a concise, factual, and point-to-point speech about why he felt this proposition was wrong. Edward was censored, and even his google account was monitored and censored. He lost his right to PayPal.

If this sounds similar to the third Reich or communism, you may be correct, but this is the United States. All of this punishment just to stand up for his beliefs and speak up for those unheard.

It got worse when he was invited to come to speak in New York and Connecticut as a historian regarding the Poles during the war. He was shamed and defamed. Every word and post he ever made was scrutinized, and he was turned into a scapegoat as a Polish nationalist and Holocaust revisionist for those who wanted to make Poland guilty of German crimes.

Imagine how far some people will go to destroy a man and his integrity to protect a dishonest narrative so they can remain the ultimate victim and expect an apology from the nation of Poland. Nothing will get in their way, and these are the people we deal with. They lack ethics or compassion and will destroy anyone that gets in their way, and Edward got in their way.

Even at this point, when Edward was supposed to be removed from the world, he did not quit.   Edward still fights for Poland, and we ask, what side are you on, and who will you support?

The reality is that there is darkness and light, and Edward is bringing history into the light. Are you willing to help him after what he endured, or are you just going to „like” or „share”?

He has made thousands of posts, countless articles, and many videos sharing the true story of Poland. Here are some sites:


Sites for funding – this is NECESSARY so he can continue his work. After all of this, what is it to donate some money to this cause? What is a worthier cause than something like this? Do you really want to be remembered as a Polish Nazi?

All of this is appreciated:


Some key points from Edward

  1. I am the only American (that I know of) who actively speaks out and tries to promote factual Polish history.
  2. I believe in the truth, and the dead should not be dishonored. They are being manipulated for agendas. This behavior is dishonorable and immoral.
  3. I have dedicated the past decade to sharing the historical facts about Poland with Americans. I fight against distorted narratives that shame and defame the dead in an attempt to revise history.
  4. I have used my own money to fund videos circulated on various platforms, reaching millions.
  5. I have not quit my fight even though there are attempts to silence me since I can’t entirely agree with some of the current narratives propagated in my country.
  6. I believe we are all morally and ethically duty-bound to tell what we know as the truth once we have found it out, especially when this truth is falsified.



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