Biggest private European Michael Jackson memorabilia collection ready for auction!

The Private Michael Jackson Auction (

25 czerwca o godzinie 12.00 ruszyła aukcja prywatnej kolekcji Michaela Jacksona. Kolekcja zawiera ponad 30 tysięcy gadźetów, wśród któych można znaleźć elementy garderoby takie jak kurtki, kapelusze, rękawiczki, buty, ale także meble i niepublikowane fotografie.

Licytować będzie można do dnia 25 lipca. Wartość aukcji została wyceniona na ok. 3.5 mln dolarów. Właściciele kolekcji spodziewają się jednak sprzedać pamiątki po wyższej cenie.

Istotnym warunkiem jest fakt, że wszystkie 30 tysięcy elementów trzeba kupić w jednej transakcji. Nie jest możliwe kupienie jednego z akcesoriów. Jest to prawdopodobnie największa aukcja prywatnych akcesoriów Michaela Jacsona na świecie.

Kolekcja znajduje się w magazynach w Los Angeles i Skandynawii.


We have been given an incredibly special assignment that we intend to launch internationally. This already has got great appeal in the Norwegian media. This applies to Europe’s largest private Michael Jackson memorabilia collection, where our company in Norway has been given the unique task of being responsible for disseminating this sale. Introducing The Private Michael Jackson Collection.

House of Consultants AS received an exciting assignment from a rare collector in the early summer of 2020. In the middle of the start of the Corona crisis, Martin Andrè Zielinski came into contact with someone who owns perhaps one of the largest Michael Jackson Memorabilia collections in Europe / perhaps the world. Where he envisioned a unique opportunity to help the owner to sell this collection. There was a quick agreement between the parties and we were in the process of registering all units in this huge collection. It turned out to be over 32,000 units in stock from the US and Scandinavia, it was not exactly a small task we had ahead of us.

We have received good help from both professional photographers and web designers for this project who have shown very good devotion and which has accumulated a great end result. Today we can proudly display this on the official auction page. To gain access to catalogs, photos and more information about the collection, you must apply to be included in the bidding, this is to give the auction an extra layer of security and to keep rogue players out of the picture.

The entire collection has been estimated at a value between $ 2,750,000 – $ 3,100,000 (USD) and contains unique items that the artist himself has used during his career as well as large quantities of merchandise in new or very good condition. Among other things, the collection has a complete Billie Jean costume that Michael Jackson has used during his tours. In other words, this is a historic sale both for what applies within the Michael Jackson environment, but also for the rest of the world.

The history of the collection is really a sad case because the owner had a very good idea behind all the work that was done to acquire all these items. For over 30 years of his life, the owner had followed the artist and actively sought out Michael Jackson items for sale. The owner sold almost all of the property including cars, apartments and even the owners business to be able to afford these irreplaceable items, in total it was spent well over $ 2,000,000 (USD) from the owner’s own pocket. But money is not the only thing needed to achieve something like this, a lot of time and energy was also spent on investigating the authenticity and originality of the items. This huge investment and all the work that was done over several decades was to create a museum of the artist so that fans could have a common place where they could share the joy of remembering the unforgettable artist who has inspired the whole world. The owner made these plans to put the museum in LA, USA. Just before the implementation of the museum, a new law was appointed in 2018 that prevented the owner from doing this. The law is basically supposed to protect deceased artists and reserves such assets for this kind of activity, in that way the finances could not cover the expenses and at the same time as the owner did not get any approval from “Michael Jackson Estate” to earn from the business, this project unfortunately became impossible to achieve.

The hope for the owner now is that the baton can be forwarded to a new owner, therefore the collection is sold as a whole and not parts separately. Splitting the collection will mean that things can go missing and never come back. Despite the sale, the owner is still a superfan and has taken out a few things from the collection for further ownership and to remember the incredible journey the owner himself has had with the artist.

This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute with a cultural investment. The artist is still extremely popular with his music to this day and there are countless great artists today who have their music inspired by Michael Jackson. The collection is more or less an important base and pillars of support for creating a museum, with some skilled players in such a development you can get a fantastic room you can proudly show to the public. Or you can also have a private room that proudly displays these treasures of an artist who is one of the greatest legends in the hall of fame. This investment will also retain its value and grow larger over time despite times of crisis in the economy, nothing will overshadow Michael Jackson’s history and legacy.

To get a small peak of the auction, you can click on this website and the link here which leads to google disk and “teaser” catalog.

Public files – Dysk Google


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