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The Story of Edward Reid – Who do you stand for?

As you read this, someone in the west will be reading about how the Poles were collaborators or were murdering Jews. This kind of propaganda...

Poland, Revisionism, and the Manipulation of History

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth a revolutionary act" - George Orwell " Our society is in a fight for the truth, especially...

Edward Reid – The only American that fights to tell the true story of Poland

For almost a decade I have been at the forefront of trying to communicate the true story of Poland to the westerners, especially my countrymen,...

The Palmiry Massacres

The Palmiry Massacres Massacres of Poles had been taking place since the invasion of Poland. Ethnic Poles were the first victims of the Germans from...

Facebook Censorship

Once again, I have been censored - this time his own personal page. I awoke to find my personal page deactivated for no reason. Fourteen...

Polish Independence Day March

Commentary on the Independence Day March, Nationalism, and the shaming of a people. (Polish translation provided below this). Nationalism gets a bad name; it now refers...

The story of the Polish martyr Maximilian Kolbe

The Polish martyr Kolbe gave his life for another prisoner.

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